EMS Treatment

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation and during this treatment, use is made of a pulsating direct current measured in milliamperes. Its purpose is, as the name suggests, facial muscles to contract, by supplying constant currents from the outside. The idea is that the facial muscles will be trained intensively and therefore ultimately be stronger / thicker, so the skin is also naturally around it becomes firmer and improve facial contours.

Galvanic Current Treatment

Galvanic current treatments are over 80 years old. In this treatment use is always made of a direct current in the milliampere range. It has no sensation during treatment and is sidekick product for promoting skincare as it mainly on promoting blood circulations to help skin do it’s job.

Micro-current Treatments

Microcurrent treatments differ, because working during such treatment with a microampere current. A microampere is 1000 times smaller than one milliampere and one million times smaller than one ampere! This is super small, so it will be almost can not feel anything during treatment. Microcurrent has been used since the 70’s used in the medical world, but only since this century also for cosmetic purposes.

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