Facelogic Beu Pro


Full Facial AT – HOME Skin Care Routine

One Device, 5 benefits – Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. Our Beu Pro device combines with ION, ENI, EMS, Photon LED, Sonic Pluse, and COOL putter that tackle multiple skin concerns for younger-looking, to infuse the essence deep below the skin’s surface.

RF Rejuvenation, Photon Beauty, New Experience of Intelligent Beauty Care

• RF Rejuvenation                 • Photon LED                • ENI Electroporation Penetration

• EMS Muscle Stimulation  • ION Deep Cleansing  • Ice COOL Putter

RF Rejuvenation, Photon Beauty, New Experience of Intelligent Beauty Care

• RF Rejuvenation                             • Photon LED

• ENI Electroporation Penetration  • EMS Muscle Stimulation

• ION Deep Cleansing                       • Ice COOL Putter

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02 Synchronised Multifunctional Operation with Patented Technology.
RF+Red Light Cells produces heat energy itself and resulting in enhanced collagen elasticity, remove fine lines and wrinkles effectively. RF+Sonic+ION Purifying Absorbs deep impurities that cannot be completely removed by ordinary cleansing. RF+ENI+Red Light+ Sonic Penetration Electroporation uses an electromatic pulse that allows skin care product delivery directly into the cellular level to create real changes to the skin. RF+EMS+Fusion Light+Sonic Lifting Stimulate muscles to tighten skin and remove fine lines. Achieving the REAL V contour. COOL+Blue Light Instantly cool down your skin and shrink pores.
03 APP Connection, New experience of beauty care
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04 Multiple intelligent Modes, esasier to use
This product is specially equipped with four intelligent modes: photon beauty, photon nutrition, photon Vface and photon importing, so that users can operate more simply and intuitively.
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