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01 An eye massager that works like magic.

Facelogic Eye uses most sophisticated technology available. Easy to use yet effective which giving you a whole new experience in eye care, all in one compact device.

02 Nourishing and infuse mode

Ion-import with constant temperature while the red LED will helps to regenerate cells, this greatly enhance the absorption of eye cream and reduce oil bumps.

The 40ÂșC constant temperature hot compress are cleverly designed to help pores gently open to absorb skin care more effectively.

The build in sonic massage are essential to relieve eye fatigue, dark circles, and eye bags caused from daily activities such over working at screens.

The LED on the eye massager rejuvenate skin cells and also enhance the overall result of your eye care routine.

03 Three soothing massage functions

400C hot compress, sonic massage, blue light soothing, the three technologies work together to massage your eyes and relax your skin around your eyes.

04 Smart design, easy to use

Smart operational control, operations starts when it contact to your skin.
Smart switch control, just flick like a magic wand!

05 Specifications

Product Name: Facelogic Eye
Built-in Battery: 320mAh lithium battery
Charging Time: About 1.5 hours
Charging Method: 5V == 1A or USB Charging
Hot Temperature: about 400C
*Note: The actual temperature may fluctuate slightly due to the power condition.


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