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Full Facial AT – HOME Skin Care Routine

One Device, 5 benefits – Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt. Our Beu Pro device combines with ION, ENI, EMS, Photon LED, Sonic Pluse, and COOL putter that tackle multiple skin concerns for younger-looking, to infuse the essence deep below the skin’s surface.

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RF Rejuvenation, Photon Beauty, New Experience of Intelligent Beauty Care

• RF Rejuvenation                 • Photon LED                • ENI Electroporation Penetration

• EMS Muscle Stimulation  • ION Deep Cleansing  • Ice COOL Putter

RF Rejuvenation, Photon Beauty, New Experience of Intelligent Beauty Care

• RF Rejuvenation                             • Photon LED

• ENI Electroporation Penetration  • EMS Muscle Stimulation

• ION Deep Cleansing                       • Ice COOL Putter

02 Synchronised Multifunctional Operation with Patented Technology.

RF+Red Light

Cells produces heat energy itself and resulting in enhanced collagen elasticity, remove fine lines and wrinkles effectively.

RF+Sonic+ION Purifying

Absorbs deep impurities that cannot be completely removed by ordinary cleansing.

RF+ENI+Red Light+ Sonic Penetration

Electroporation uses an electromatic pulse that allows skin care product delivery directly into the cellular level to create real changes to the skin.

RF+EMS+Fusion Light+Sonic Lifting

Stimulate muscles to tighten skin and remove fine lines. Achieving the REAL V contour.

COOL+Blue Light

Instantly cool down your skin and shrink pores.

03 APP Connection, New experience of beauty care

User Files
Data Storage
Demo Video
User Instructions

04 Multiple intelligent Modes, esasier to use

This product is specially equipped with four intelligent modes: photon beauty, photon nutrition, photon Vface and photon importing, so that users can operate more simply and intuitively.

Step Function Photon-Beauty Photon-Nutri Photon-Vface Photon-import
Deep Cleansing RF + ION Deep Cleansing Cotton Pad + Tonner
Import Assistant RF+ENI+RED-RAY Essence/mask Essence/mask Essence/mask
V-face RF+EMS+PHOTON Gel/moistur-izing cream Gel/moistur-izing cream
Cold Compress RF+EMS+PHOTON COOL+BLUE-RAY Direct use Direct use Direct use

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  1. Chloe Pua

    Best product ever!! i love it so much!!!

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