Apart from looking good, we believe that great skin instils confidence. But with the rising demand of skin-care products and routines, it has become increasingly expensive to adopt a consistent regime. Most products in the market are no longer offering anything innovative. Not until now. Introducing Facelogic, a home care system that is paving the way to the future. Our philosophy is simple – convenient, practical and effective.


Years of research and development have enabled Facelogic to compete technologically in creating the most advanced home care systems and products the market has ever seen. We have successfully expanded our operations from Malaysia into the worldwide arena, with countries like Australia, Portugal, Singapore, Brunei and Iran joining the fray. Our products are non-invasive, cost-effective and user friendly and we have the results to show for it.


Say goodbye to traditional and expensive skincare routines.

The Facelogic Beu Pro

Our initial Beu Pro device was released with critical acclaim. Today we have improved it further with the introduction of the Beu Pro. With its ION+ and ENI electroporation technology, the Beu Pro not only deep cleanses stubborn impurities but encourages the absorption of skin-care creams and lotions from other manufacturers, many of which may be priced exorbitantly. An expensive cream is only as good as it is actually absorbed, a terrible waste which our Beu Pro can remedy. 


The Beu Pro also doubles as a collagen stimulant and fibroblast enhancer through its Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) capabilities. The added benefit of EMS is that it also burns fat while working out your muscles to get rid of saggy skin and improve on its elasticity. But that’s not all, the Beu Pro also boasts photon therapy LEDs and emits sonic vibrations for a pleasurable massage experience. The new and improved cool putter feature is an added bonus to close those pores and soothe the skin.


There is no longer a need for salon visitations. Now you can do all of this from the comfort of home! Do away with appointments, waiting lists and unnecessary hassles. Imagine having a personal beauty salon at your fingertips.

Advanced Skincare

Our highly advanced fusion peptide mask magically does it all. Made from high-grade Japanese cotton, our masks are elastically thin to maximise adhesion while allowing your skin to breathe comfortably. This is the only mask you will ever need. Fusion peptides interact with the proteins deep within our skin, rejuvenating and firming it out. Patented Glycosyl Trehalose Technology protects the skin against UV rays while Tri Hyaluronic Acids work to hydrate the skin while boosting collagen. Get that youthful look without needing to resort to multiple masks and hydration products. This Mask has got it all covered. When used together with our RF Pro, you will have the perfect combination for paramount results.